Trojan Volleyball in Costa Rica Days Five & Six

The AU volleyball team is on the verge of wrapping up a weeklong mission trip to Costa Rica that began early last Tuesday morning.

The Trojans are in Central America Tuesday for their second visit in four years and have competed against schools and various club teams, while also visiting orphanages and schools to share their Christian testimony during volleyball clinics for local teams. 

Here are the team’s updates from the fifth and sixth days …

“On Sunday (Day 5), we took the day to attend church and we had the chance to go zip lining and slid down a very interesting water slide. It was definitely a well-earned adventure for the team.

Day Six started off with a trip to a squatter village, mostly full of Nicaraguans who are in the country illegally. This ministry is always tough! First we bought groceries for some families that live in a squatter village. It's tough to see the conditions they live in, the condition of their health, and some of the things they do to survive. The village is very rough. There are dog feces everywhere, the grey water and sewage run through ditches, some homes have water and electricity and some don't! Also in this squatter village, many young girls go into prostitution at age 11. Our mission in the village was to partner with a pastor who serves this area. After hearing his testimony we all took the bags of groceries and handed them to several members of his church. We also went into the homes and talked to the families and prayed with them. This was truly a heartbreaking trip seeing how the families lived and what some of the women and kids experience.

At one point a little boy ran up to us and asked us to play with him but we could not, so he followed us. We finally came to a stopping point and Priscilla and a soccer player from Cedarville began to tell the boy about Jesus. He had never heard of Jesus so the two worked together to tell him all about our Savior. It was a cool to see since Priscilla only recently made Jesus the Lord of her life.

Lastly, we headed to Cartago to see some sights and to play Cartago. Even though they were a very good ball control team, we played our best volleyball of the week and beat them all five sets that we played. After the match, Shannon Gillespie shared her testimony. She did a wonderful job talking about some tough things she experienced growing up.

This has been a great trip for this group of returners. They are going to do great things on the court but most importantly, they are going to do amazing things off the court. I am so excited to see their global impact once they begin their own ministries, whether it is in the classroom, in the medical practice, in their business office or in the mission field. A part of us will always remain here in Costa Rica. We made some amazing friends and served some awesome Ticos (nickname for Costa Ricans). God showed us so much through the various ministries, He stretched us farther than we have been stretched before, and He showed us, through His word, that we all are always in the mission field.

We want to thank everyone for your support, whether it was in prayer or through a financial gift. Your support made it possible for us to serve the people of Costa Rica and you helped make a permanent impact on our student athletes.”

Check back with, Facebook and Twitter (@autrojans) for more updates from the team.

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